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Howdy, I'm Brian. Born and raised in Texas with a lifelong passion for creativity.
I currently design for the Disaster Assessment and Recovery (DAR) unit, an award-winning division of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension. I have had the privilege to produce countless assets widely used by our various AgriLife teams, intended for city officials and public audiences alike. 
Before joining Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, I was a Creative Designer at USAA, where I gained insight into how skilled design teams operate and applied that same functionality elsewhere.​​​​​​​
Whenever creative juices are done flowing for the week my wife and I enjoy all kinds of films, restaurants, concerts, swims, and even the occasional adventure with our dogs, Kida and Milo.
The Full-time Journey:
Tracking my full-time career since graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Art Institute of San Antonio. My entire undergraduate experience from part-time positions as a student can be found on my LinkedIn profile. With almost every position in my career path, I received laudatory remarks from team leadership and heads of other related departments.​​​​​​​
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, Graphic Designer III
November 2019 – Present
​​​​​​​Produced a high volume of creative outreach for both Urban Planning and Green Infrastructure teams under the Disaster Assessmentand Recovery unit. Including printed collateral, event swag, official documents, presentations, digital media, and website contentfor 16 AgriLife-hosted county resiliency workshops in Texas as agreed upon with FEMA grants. Plus 5 other events and conferences.  Supported the acquisition process of a globally recognized geographic mapping software and transfer of ownership to the Texas A&M University System. Focused on tracking intellectual property and marketing efforts for announcing to all active users.  Collaborated with management to build an innovative onboarding process for new hires by incorporating training resource folders with organizational charts, glossaries, and department directories - as well as checklists and scheduled meetings available through Trello.  Captured workshop photography with AgriLife staff and city/county officials using our data-layered maps, as well as Green Infrastructurevolunteer events for wetland maintenance. In addition, captured official employee photographs for our Southeast Harris County office.  Closely supervised the performance of 4 student interns and contributed to their professional development that brought skills into alignment with design industry standards.  Approved exhibition layouts by venues and programmatic educational videos by AgriLife Marketing & Communications.
SKILLS: Graphic Design, Adobe Creative Suite, Branding & Identity, Web Design, Art Direction, Print Collateral Design, Email Marketing, Proposal Writing, HTML/CSS, Print Publication Design, WordPress Design, Project Management, Video Editing, Icon Design, Customer Support, Microsoft Office, Digital Photography, Social Media, Presentation Design.
Parlevel Systems, Graphic Designer
January 2018 – November 2019
Established a tech startup company’s Branding Style Guide, providing communicative and visual context for internal staff.  Significantly enhanced Parlevel’s website design, which contributed to record-level customer leads.  Conceptualized the user interface for a new self-checkout kiosk to be nationally used in cafeterias, restaurants, and campuses.  Developed graphics and printed material for events, shipping supplies, mobile apps, how-to videos, and illustrated set-up manuals.  Photographed kiosks, existing markets, and service parts for the website and online store.  Refined multiple presentations used by Customer Support, Sales, and Chief Officers. Also developed another widely distributedpresentation template, for external use by partners and customers for their own sales pitches.  Saved hundreds of dollars by submitting final project artwork before rush-order deadlines.

SKILLS: Graphic Design, Adobe Creative Suite, Branding & Identity, Web Design, UI/UX, User Interface Design, User Experience, Art Direction, Print Design, Print Collateral Design, Email Marketing, HTML/CSS, Print Publication Design, Exhibition Graphics, WordPress Design, Video Editing, Icon Design, InVision, Packaging Design, Customer Support, Microsoft Office, Digital Photography, Social Media, Presentation Design.
USAA, Creative Designer
October 2014 – October 2017
Designed 25 large-format signs, posters, and infographics that conveyed the detailed workflows of USAA’s IT department.  Contributed 73 icon designs to an official design asset library and regularly updated it where icon ideas were not yet added.  Trained new team members–thoroughly explained the design processes and resources.  Served chief technology officers, IT architects, and other executive groups by revamping their presentations and confidential documents.  Anticipated the creative needs of internal clients before requests were submitted, and delivered before deadlines.

SKILLS: Graphic Design, Adobe Creative Suite, Web Design, Print Collateral Design, Exhibition Graphics, Icon Design, Microsoft Office, Presentation Design.
Brian Garcia Designs, Freelance Graphic & Web Designer
January 2011 – Present
A one-man operation for countless projects servicing a wide range of clientele. Any ask ranging from creating printed material to building a brand and its implementation to entire websites generated within weeks. I handle the forefront of every project like I would with high-level leadership at previous companies, strategic kick-offs to gather every angle of input from every stakeholder, and providing updates on the deliverables produced until completion.

SKILLS: Graphic Design, Adobe Creative Suite, Branding and Identity, Web Design, Art Direction, Print Design, Print Collateral Design, HTML/CSS, WordPress Design, Icon Design, Microsoft Office, Digital Photography, Product Photography, Social Media, Presentation Design.
Other duties not always assigned:
Throughout the years I wasn't always asked to fulfill some of these tasks, but I volunteered anyway:

•  Assembled exhibit booths and displays for conferences.
•  Coordinated with hosting city managers to set up and test AV equipment for workshops.
•  Answered calls and relayed detailed messages for sales, technical support, and general customer service.
•  Acted in company videos about breakroom markets and employee motivation.
•  Packaged heavy and expensive machinery into large parcel boxes for international shipping.
•  Stenciled parking curbs reserved for staff.
•  Assembled not one, but two metal storage cabinets for sensitive electronic components.
•  Painted cornhole boards cut and assembled from unfinished wood.
•  Manually tracked inventory of a past company's breakroom for expired or damaged foods. 
•  Arranged and captured 40+ staff members for a company group photo.
•  Participated in planting seedlings and transporting species by truckload for a wetland ecosystem.

•  A frequently rotated member of planning employee events for office decor, group events, and activities.
•  Much more... but that would make the list expand to great lengths.
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